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Importance of Quality Backlinks in SEO


What is Backlink and how they are important for your website

Links from other websites pointing to your website is considered as a backlink which is ideally used to drive referral traffic and increase the authority of the website or web page. Backlinks are an essential factor in how the search engines rank your website with a particular keyword. Infect backlinks for a website is measured as the top 3 search engine ranking factors.

Backlinks can be created by using various techniques or link building activities used in the Search Engine Optimization process. The websites having more quality backlinks will result in higher in keywords ranking.

The value of backlinks which impact your website

Do you know what makes a link valuable? As explained there are different types of link building activities in SEO that make valuable backlinks and help increase the authority of the website. More the authority of backlink consequence in more positive signals for the website.

These 4 types of backlinks majorly impact your website value in search engines.

Linking Website Authority

Using quality websites for creating backlinks increase the authority of the website in search engines as compared to low authority websites. You can major the authority of the website with various online tools like Alexa, MOZ, SEMrush and many other tools available online. The highest the authority of the linking website, the better the link is for SEO.

Linking Website Relevancy

Relevancy of the lining website is the most important factor for good backlinks. Getting links from irrelevant websites to demote the keywords in ranking and search engines consider those links as non-relevant to the website industry. Try to get backlinks from the most relevant and specific websites to help increase the keyword rankings and value of the link.

Do-Follow and No-Follow

Do-Follow links are those links which are recognized and noticed by Google search engine and that gives value to the links.

No-Follow links are those links which are not considered as a backlink of the website and give less authority to the website.

So, the Do-follow links are more valuable than the No-follow links. However, the No-Follow links are still useful as they provide referral traffic to the website. As per the guidelines search engines consider 70%:30% backlinks for Do-Follow and No-Follow respectively.

Placement of Website Link

The most valuable links can be placed in between the body content of the website. Links may not receive the good value if they are placed in the Header, Footer and the sidebar. Always try to get the link from the main body area of the website or and placing the link with the anchor text will help a lot improving rankings.


Backlinks Quality or Quantity??? WHAT MATTERS?

Some of the website owner thinks, if they create thousands of backlinks for their website, they will reach the top page of Google. But NO, the quantity of the backlinks doesn’t matter if the quality of a backlink is good. A quality backlink coming from high authority website on which people trust is the better quality of the backlink. If you want to build high-quality links, then start building links from the relevant, high authority and trusted websites.

If you are creating a number of backlinks that are of high quality that will be great for your website. But, if the links are creating through the low authority, spam and irrelevant websites, then it is bad for your website. Quantity of the backlinks is also good if the links are coming from the number of referral domains.

Thus the quality and quantity of both MATTERS and can be wildly successful if you implement it correctly. 

Effects of the Backlinks on Search Engine Optimization

Now we know the values and how the backlinks matter for our website. Let’s get to know the effects of the backlinks on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Brand Recognition:

 Backlinks are important for brand recognition and increase brand visibility in public. When people search online or reading something online they use to check the links at that moment and If they found your website link mentioned on a number of websites and visit your site, then your website automatically be remembered and Google considers your website useful for the user.

New Lead Generations:

Having a lot of backlinks through high authority and trustworthy websites can get you new leads. When users go through a good post for which they are browsing and that is pointing the link to your website, then you have a good chance that users will click on the link read more about your service.

Website Promotions:

Backlinks are a great way to promote your website, product, or services. This way you can place your website links to the number of domains that help increase the keywords ranking in Google.

Generate Referral Traffic:

All most all traffic comes through search engines, and almost 40% of users are coming through referral traffic. Getting traffic from different websites is known as referral traffic. As much as we get referral traffic to our website there is a great chance to get more increase to get website authority and visibility in Search Engine.

 Organic Results:

Organic Results/Ranking refers to the relevant keywords which are into the organic search results with your website. If your post is getting links from other websites with the most relevant anchor text, it will rank higher in the search engines.

Types of backlinks that can be created to improve SEO

There are various ways to improve SEO of the website and link building is one of the core modules as it is strongest method to improvise website quality and that is used by almost all SEO Professionals.

Some of the Backlink Strategies include:

  • Submitting Website To Directories
  • Creating Quality Articles and Submitting on Article Websites
  • Making use of Press Releases
  • Guest Blogging & Guest Posts
  • Taking Active participation on Niche Related Forums and other Discussion Platforms
  • Making Use of Social Media to create influential Networks
  • Brand Participation in Review Websites
  • Making use of Infographics
  • Creating attractive and Content Rich Videos and posting them on video-sharing platforms
  • Creating Brand profiles and Business Profiles

Internet is a  very wide source and one can find creative ways of sharing, promoting and presenting a brand or service on it.

If you are looking for Cost-Effective Link Building Packages, you should go in for the hunt right away and find a Reliable SEO company for making your digital marketing initiative a success.


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